Shimmerz Total Beauty | Shimmerz Total Beauty- Perfect Nails, Female & Male Waxing, Tinting, Taning, Proffesional cosmetics and Make up
We take care of You! Shimmerz Total Beauty care Salon located in Lavington opposite Coles. Total beauty care in one place for your convenience. Our love for a bargain...check out SPECIALS or visit our Facebook page...20 years experience in the beauty industry...perfect nails.
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Get to know us &

Our Love For Beauty

At Shimmerz total beauty we aim to do more then maintain your beauty needs, we aim to create a luxurious, comfortable and relaxing salon environment with class services. We are passionate about the beauty industry and your beauty experience. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel gorgeous. Come in feel the vibe and get connected!


Why us?

The Founder &

Our Team of


Shimmerz is home to Lyndell Picone, the woman behind Zestie Nails.

Otherwise known as the MOST FLAWLESS NAIL TECHNICIAN in Albury Wodonga.

“I saw an opportunity with Shimmerz where we could have total beauty care all in the one place~ Convenience and comfort for the modern woman”.

We aim to give you the loveliest beauty experience in Albury Wodonga with our services, on trend nail styling, organic and botanical products, relaxing treatments and indulgent pampering packages.  Please come in and find company with us, at Shimmerz.

For further details on Shimmerz staff and their passion please go to the ‘About Us’ page or  go to our gallery and get inspired by our nail art  and make up transformations.

The best place to get info on Shimmerz weekly specials is on our Facebook page!